Living the Psalms from Generation to Generation

Dawn at GEECCBeginning this summer, my home church is embarking on a yearlong journey of worship in the Psalms. Having received a grant from the Calvin Institute of Worship and the Lilly Foundation, we desire to strengthen and encourage our commitment to intergenerational worship and creative excellence in all aspects of worship (prayer, music, visual arts, spoken proclamation, and liturgy).

Our grant year is divided into four seasons with one Psalm corresponding with each season: Petition and Prayer (Psalm 121); Thanksgiving and Song (Psalm 67); Adoration and Light (Psalm 24); Lament and Renewal (Psalm 130).  Spending several weeks resting in one Psalm and focused on a specific worship practice, we hope to form lasting and meaningful Christian habits across the ages.  Look for our stories of Living the Psalms in the year ahead.  And join us in testifying to God’s faithfulness and love shown to us through the poetry and passion of the Psalms, and reflected in our own lives.

2 thoughts on “Living the Psalms from Generation to Generation

  1. Dawn: Your words are beautiful and make the words of the psalm so immediate and so accessible. Thank you for sharing with us what God showed you and continues to show you.


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